2014 Winner | Melbourne Body art expo.

Theme: Out of the ashes.

Model: Ben Clarke

Mayan fire god head dress had flames coming out of it, and his boots were lit with led lights to look like the embers from a fire.

2014 Winner | Eumundi Qld Body Art Carnival

Theme: Dreams and nightmares
Category: Airbrush
Assistant: Laurie Faulkner
Model: Nicole Ellis

7 scary movies depicted on the model, showing my dreams to work in the industry and my nightmares from the movies.

From the front to the back & from the top to the bottom.

Prom night, silence of the lambs, It, pet cemetery, exorcist, poltergeist, scream.

2013 Winner | NZ Body Art

Theme: Circus
Category: Special effects creatures
Title: Cameliman
Assistant: Laurie Faulkner
Model: Tim Tam
Photography: Tim Tam studios

Evil looking clown controlling the freaky side show attraction. 1/2 man 1/2 chameleon. Animatronics used for moving the eyes and tongue.

2013 Winner | Australian Body Art Awards

Theme: Supernatural
Category: special effects
Title: Iceman
Model: Ben Clarke
Photographer: Tim Tam studios

A soul sucking creature that dwells in the icy realm between sleep and awake.
He attracts the unsuspecting victim to him with light emitting from him, but when close enough he will steal their soul.

His name is Julio, Julio In Glaciers.

Led Lights used in the staff, head and shoulder prosthetics.

2012 Winner | Melbourne Body Art Competition

Theme: Australiana
Category: special effects
Title: Shark attack
Model: Tim Tam
Photographer: Pollyanna


Featuring some of Australia’s deadliest creatures, the box jelly fish, blue ringed octopus and white pointer shark.

Also using special effects to create some very sever sunburn for my surfer.

2012 Winner | Australian Body Art Awards

Theme: future
Category: Airbrush
Title: Aliens rule
Model: Ryan
Photographer: Tim Tam

In the future, we are the alien’s avatars.
They use the screen installed into our bodies to view through and to control us. They use humans as their minions.

In the future we are no longer in control.

2011 2nd Place | Melbourne Body Art Competition

Theme: Wired for sound
Category: Special effects/airbrush
Title: Beethoven
Model: Sara
Photographer: Janie Fearon

Beethoven was my inspiration, a great composer who lost his hearing, but continued to play piano and compose classical music masterpieces.

The piano which has wires in the instrument and also wires used for the first of the hearing aids invented, these were incorporated into the design.

The models tutu was made from Beethoven sheet music.

2010 2nd Place | Melbourne Body Art Competition

Theme: War and Peace
Category: Special effects/Airbrush
Title: Robotic message
Model: Al
Photographer: Janie Fearon

Robot man with a scrolling LED message attached to his chest, the message read,Crush, kill, destroy…. have a nice day.

My Model Al is a basketball player and is nearly 7 foot tall, such a lot of surface to cover in a short space of time!

But Al had such stage presence, that I think no matter what I painted we would have done well from his performance.